The Hunger Games (Pia)

The Hunger Games is a book dated in the future, where there is a leading city the “Capital” which controls 12 Districts, to show the 12 Districts that the Capital is more superior. The Capital get 24 teenagers 12 girls and 12 boys from each of the 12 Districts and throws them into a arena to kill each other (to fight to death) the winner will be showered with food and live a happy life (after all the killing they have seen and done it’s hard to believe that, that would happen). When i knew this i was astonished at how Suzanne Collins could write something so big as this explaining it like she was in the Hunger Games!

Katiness Everdeen is the main character and her little sister Primrose Everdeen (Prim for short) is selected for the Hunger Games but Katniss volunteers so that Prim doesn’t have to go because she knows that Prim wouldn’t stand a chance against the other tributes who are bigger and stronger not to mention trained for there whole life for the games.

Katiness is a 16 year old girl who goes outside her district and into the woods and hunts (illegally of course) With her best friend Gale who is 18 and has been hunting with her for years.. Katiness’s dad died in a tragic mining explosion when she was 11 when he was alive he taught Katiness how to hunt with snares and fish and to shoot rabbits and birds with a bow and arrow (crafted by her dad)

Also in the second book, Katiness has to be the Mockingjay which is the sign of rebellion for Panem and all the districts rise up against the capitol and try to defeat it! (this happens in the 3rd book aslo)

Personally  I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES and I think it’s the best book ever and I can’t wait until the next movie comes out in November 2013!  I know I will be waiting in anticipation!


By Pia 6M




4 thoughts on “The Hunger Games (Pia)

  1. I think that this is a very well planned, detailed, specific bok review. I personally think that you should have added how you felt at different times of the story, which would have made this book review more intresting and emotional. But don’t forget, it’s still great!

  2. A few rushed mistakes but obviously accidental, i think i should have said hunger games as my favourite book of all time but i didn’t know until i was reading the book. Nice review!

  3. ‘so that Prim doesen’t have to’ should be ‘so that Prim doesn’t have to’. But overall it’s still good.

  4. Excellent writing – really good plot summary. You could perhaps add one more short paragraph just before the end, to really capture the reader – maybe a tension builder of some sort.

    A couple of your sentances are too long, and some capital letters need to be added, but overall a really good review.

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