Digital Citizenship Activity 2:Hana

Privacy is important online because everyone could see everything you post down.

1. I learned that you should never post private stuff because your friends could see everything you post and there might be some scary people you dont even know from watching the video “Post to be Private”.

2. I learned to think before you click from watching the  video “Protecting Your reputation Online”.

3. Playing the game “A Tale of Two Footprints” showed me that it is better to leave good footprints for the future.

       4. Digital good Citizenship is important to know about because it will teach you to post appropriate stuff for the future. It might be funny today but not tomorrow!!!

8 thoughts on “Digital Citizenship Activity 2:Hana

  1. from not From but that’s a silly mistake, there a few like that but i think everyone has it. It’s ou 1’st draft. :b

  2. I think it’s great but maybe you want to lay it out more clearly with numbers (example- 1. never post private stuff) but overall you wrote a fantastic post.

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