My Expedition (Jing Jing)

The location for the Y6 expedition was Rayong. On Monday, we made the bus journey there. In the middle, we stopped at Underwater World in Pattaya and learned about sea creatures. I didn’t really like it there because it was hot and stuffy. Plus, the lunch was practically unedible. After we left Underwater World, we got to the hotel ,got our room keys and did the fire drills. We then went to dinner and we had quiz night.

On Tuesday, we hopped on a speedboat to Koh Mannai Turtle Sanctuary. We learned about how and why turtles are dying out and how the government is trying to stop that.  It took a long time to get back to our hotel, as during the journey back to the mainland, the speedboat ran out of petrol, so they had to get some more. I hated when we had to wait for it, since I sometimes get seasick and I felt dizzy during the waiting period. Finally, we made it back to the hotel in one piece. It was such a relief.

On Wednesday, we went trekking in a rainforest. Despite the fact that it was very shady and natural, I disliked it, because trudging up and down a hill isn’t exactly my idea of a good time. We had lunch on a raft, which was nice.

On Thursday, we went kayaking on the sea (which took a lot of energy) and cleaned up the beach (which took a lot of sanity). We also went to Koh Samed and surveyed the tourists. In the evening, we had a talent show.

On Friday, we went home and started our half term holidays. We had a good time there, but it was great to be back.

6 thoughts on “My Expedition (Jing Jing)

  1. Dear Jing Jing,
    You should put what you like and what you don’t like or maybe you should put in what you think of the expedition and how would you change to make this expedition better.


  2. It would have been nice if there was a detailed conclusion. It might have been better if you explaind your favourite parts and worst parts.
    But I would say this is pretty nice!

  3. Why don’t you try to add some more connectives? This is a very good summary of the expedition each day, maybe add a little more?

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